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Advantage April 2012

Apr 2012

From The Top - Rob BassoApril 2012 Newsletter

From The Top
By Rob Basso
President, Advantage Payroll Services

At Advantage, we are dedicated to making your payroll process as simple and flawless as possible. With complicated new legislation coming from Albany on what seems like a regular basis such as the Wage Theft Prevention Act, it can be hard to keep up with all the changes. That’s why we’re the first payroll company to have a dedicated website solely to help our clients comply with the WTPA mandate. What is the WTPA? Wage Theft Prevention Act was passed in 2011 and provides enhanced protection to workers in NY State. The update to this law requires employers to give a written notice to each new hire and all employees by February 1st of each year.

When you choose to combine our automatic New Hire Reporting service with your regular payroll service, you’re granted access to website that makes compliance with this law easy and painless. Through our password protected online portal, simply fill out the template provided, print a copy for the employee and save for your records. It’s that simple. For more details on the update to the WTPA and how Advantage can help you comply, check out the Q&A below with Yvette Hector, Vice President of Operations at Advantage Payroll Services and feel free to reach out to your Customer Service Representative with any questions at (800) 440-9033.

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Q & A With Yvette Hector, Vice President of Operations

1. What is the Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA) and when did it take effect?
A law passed in 2011 provides enhanced protection to workers in New York State. This law, the Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA), took effect on April 9, 2011. The existing law already required employers to provide notice to employees of their wage rates at the time of hire and any time a change is made to their rate. Now, the WTPA requires employers to give a written notice of the following to each new hire and all employees by February 1 each year.

2. What does the WTPA require from employers?
The WTPA requires employers to give a written notice of the following to each new hire and all employees by February 1 each year.

  • The employee’s rate or rates of pay and the regular payday
  • The overtime rate of pay, if the employee is subject to overtime regulations
  • The basis of wage payment (per hour, per shift, per week, piece rate, commission, etc.)
  • Any allowances the employer intends to claim as part of the minimum wage including tip, meal, and lodging allowances
  • The employer’s name and any names under which the employer does business (DBA)
  • The physical address of the employer’s main office or principal place of business and, if different, the employer’s mailing address
  • The employer’s telephone number

3. As an employer, how can I retrieve the 7 New York State Pay Rate forms?
Advantage has just rolled out our latest service, Enhanced New Hire reporting which helps our clients comply with the WTPA mandate through access to a password protected online portal that provides the template to fill our and save in PDF format. Advantage Payroll Services saves you valuable time in preparing forms and helps with record keeping requirements.

4. How do I sign up for the website?
That’s the easy part! Visit www.liadvantagenyslabor.com or visit the homepage of the LI Advantage website and click” Enhanced New Hire Services; NY State Department of Labor WTPA Forms” and click “Register.” Besides your basic information, you will need to provide your Advantage Client Number.

5. Is there a fee to using the website?
Upgrading to the Enhanced New Hire Reporting will cost you an additional $1.00 to your standard new hire fee which will be live on your next invoice. The one-time fee will allow you to use the website for every new hire and/or any necessary changes

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