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Advantage January 2012

Jan 2012

From The Top - Rob BassoJanuary 2012 Newsletter

From The Top
By Rob Basso
President, Advantage Payroll Services

Are you wasting too much time searching through file cabinets and piles of paperwork trying to find payroll reports from last pay period? Are you constantly requesting duplicate reports from the Advantage office for your use or for your CPA? With Advantage Online Reporting, your payroll records and management reports will always be just a few clicks away.

Regardless of how you choose to input your payroll, now your payroll and management reports can be viewed online, from any location, at any time. It’s easy; all that’s needed is internet access and a current web browser.

Why enroll in online reporting? Advantage Online Reporting allows you to view reports in HTML format or standard format, downloadable for easy importing into a spreadsheet application, and convenient third-party access can allow your accounting professional to view and download your payroll records whenever it’s convenient. With Advantage Online Reporting, you and your CPA have instant access to your Payroll Register, Payroll Statement and other available reports for up to one year (on a rolling basis).

To provide more detail I’ve asked Caryn Delligatti, Sales Assistant, to answer some frequently asked questions from clients interested in Advantage Online Reporting. Contact your CSR and enroll today for access to your reports generated throughout the year and never waste time searching for old reports or requesting copies again!

If you have an interesting topic or would like to offer your expertise to fellow business professionals, consider participating in our newsletter. Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions today at newsletter@liadvantage.com, or call Christine Cesarino at (516) 931-8400 ext 17.

Q & A With Caryn Delligatti, Advantage Sales Assistant

1. What is online reporting?
Online reporting is a feature we offer to our clients as well as the CPA community we serve. It allows a client and/or a CPA of a client to access their reports instantaneously online. In fact, most of our tax reports are available online before you receive the delivery of the physical documents. Online reporting also has access to W-2s and quarterly tax forms organized by year for as long as you are signed up for the service.

2. I don’t want to process my payroll online but can I still sign up for online reporting?
Absolutely. We want our clients to process their payroll however they feel comfortable. Using online reporting will enhance your payroll experience; by using online reporting not only can you quickly and easily reprint your payroll statements and monthly reports but the accessibility of having the information at your fingertips will save you time and energy.

3. I’m not good using a computer but I have many employees who need additional copies of their W-2s. Is online reporting easy to use?
Our online reporting product is very user friendly. Simply log in and use a drop down menu to navigate to the reports you would like. It’s as simple as selecting the report and hitting print.

4. How can I get my CPA signed up for online reports?
You can call your Advantage customer service representative and tell them you want your CPA to have access to Advantage Payroll’s online reports. We just need your CPA’s contact information and your signature allowing them access to your reports. Then we will send them a password to log in to the system and they will have access to all the reports they need going forward. No more worrying about making sure your CPA gets copies of all your reports!

5. I’m the payroll contact for 8 accounts with Advantage. Do I need a separate username for each one?
Not at all. You create one username and become a multi-client user. Just enter your username and password and all of your accounts will appear. You must select the account that you are looking to get the reports for and chose your reports from there.

6. I just got set up for online reports, where do I log in?
Go to www.LIAdvantage.com, click on the “client access” button and click on the “Instant Payroll” button to log in and start viewing your reports!

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