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Blog with Rob: Need ingredients for dinner? Why not crowd-fund?

Jul 2014
Posted in Blog with Rob

We’ve all been there.  Wanting to try out that awesome gourmet, from-scratch recipe, only to balk at the lengthy, expensive ingredients list.  One Ohio native found a lighthearted, kind of hilarious solution—use Kickstarter to fund your potato salad (or dish of choice).  The irreverent campaign has blown up the internet in the last week and led to Zack Brown quickly surpassing his original goal of $10.  The actual campaign page on Kickstarter and news reports vary on the actual amount raised so far, but the total is certainly in excess of $50,000!

The successful campaign has even spurred Brown to commit to compiling a book of potato salad recipes and promising rewards for his investors that include “carving your name in a potato to be included in the salad,” “live streaming the making of the potato salad,” “reading your name aloud” on said livestream, “receive a photo of me making the potato salad,” “receive a thank you posted to our website,” “receive a bite of potato salad,” “hang out in the kitchen with me while I make the potato salad,” “chose a potato-salad appropriate ingredient” “Receive the potato salad recipe” “Receive a potato salad haiku written by me” “A potato salad themed t-shirt” and “potato salad themed hat.”

The viral avalanche of donations has led to plenty of media attention and speculation on what Brown will and should do with the sizable funds now at his disposal.  Especially since Kickstarter does not allow money gleaned from campaigns to be donated directly to charity. What do you think he should do?

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