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Blog with Rob: On presentation (Pop that eyeball back in!)

Jul 2014
Posted in Blog with Rob

Sure, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it, presentation really does count.  One kooky example is the most recent disaster preparedness plans for a Zombie Apocalypse outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and even the Pentagon (this was used as a training exercise for military commanders).  These plans are silly and fun on the surface, but in actuality contain valuable information about surviving catastrophic events for the average person.

Russ Paulsen, the director of community preparedness and resilience for the American Red Cross notes in the CNBC article above:

“The thing about zombies is, they capture people’s imagination in a way that actual disasters don’t…If thinking about zombies and thinking about it in a lighthearted way encourages people to take reasonable disaster preparedness steps, more power to them.”

According to the article, 61% of American families do not have a family emergency plan in place, and 48% said they do not have supplies set aside in case of a disaster.  The steps that would theoretically be helpful in a Zombie Apocalypse are steps that would also help protect from other, more probable disasters like hurricanes or tornados.

There is no reason to why the same lessons can’t be applied to any small company.  Think about how you could use some colorful or silly humor in trying to convey the importance of a key of your business.  You might be surprised at the kind of success a little flash could bring.

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