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Blog with Rob: Parking Problems? Forget about it!

Jul 2014
Posted in Blog with Rob

Trying to park in Huntington Village? Good luck. You’re not alone in your frustrated search for that coveted spot on the street.  Finally, after years of complains, in June of this year the town of Huntington followed the lead of Palm Beach and Beverly Hills and rolled out a trial run for… valet parking?

The pilot program launched in June implemented valet parking on Fridays and Saturdays, from 9am to 1am, and is completely free.  The program will hopefully help steer traffic off main streets and by allowing valets to park the cars in the lot, space will be increased by 40% in that lot. The program has also seen initial success, with the amount of cars in the lot increasing steadily and the recent total cars parked one weekend hitting 600 cars – maybe drivers are trying to avoid the recently raised parking meter rates of $1 an hour (yes, you read that correctly) for the towns busiest streets.

Were you skeptical of the program?  Following in their footsteps is the town of Patchogue. Looking to alleviate summer parking problems, the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce is starting their valet parking program this Friday. This program isn’t free like the village of Huntington’s, however the $5 valet fee will be reciprocated in the form of a $5 coupon to be used at almost any of Patchogue’s stores or restaurants.

Personally, I think the valet programs are a great idea and I wouldn’t mind paying $5 to park if I knew I’m getting it back in the form of a free drink or $5 off a purchase I’m about to make. I certainly won’t miss driving around for what seems like endless amounts of time looking for a spot!

What about you? Are you going to try these valet parking options, or stick to creeping around the streets hoping to find a space?

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