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Blog with Rob: Snakes on a plane? Try bugs. Bug snacks, that is.

Oct 2014
Posted in Blog with Rob

When you think of Jetblue snacks, you may immediately think of their blue potato chips served in-flight. Coming soon however you’ll have a more daring option to crunch on.

AccelFoods just announced their partnership with JetBlue to showcase their products both in exhibits in the terminals and as options on select flights. Why is this interesting? Because based on the company’s portfolio, future JetBlue “innovation boxes” could offer travelers a menu of mushroom tea, chia-seed muesli and energy bars made with ground-up crickets.

Ground-up crickets? Surely not. But yes, crickets are the trendy bug right now and apparently the food of the future. Packed with protein and (supposedly tasty) cricket based foods have been appearing everywhere from Kickstarter to even Shark Tank.

Is this a trend with staying power? I’m not sure, and I’ve never actually had a cricket-based snack to give a real opinion on. But if you’re in the JetBlue terminal and see a cricket snack, let me know how it tastes!

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