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Blog with Rob: Think Halloween like a farmer: Break the mold!

Oct 2014
Posted in Blog with Rob

An entrepreneur is driven by a passion for what they are doing. All too often it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when following our dreams of being successful. Well this tractor-operator turned farmer from California followed his dream of becoming an organic farmer only to struggle producing crops of kale, lettuce and berries. Like a true entrepreneur, he took his dream and simply tweaked it by realizing he needed to grow something different: pumpkinstein.

What? Grown in a plastic mold, the pumpkins bear the distinctive face of the Frankenstein monster and look creepily realistic.  It took him four years, $400,000 and 27 different varieties of pumpkins but Tony Dighera sold 5,500 pumpkin heads this year (wholesale price – $75) and plans to produce 30,000 next year.

Offers from major companies have come rolling in to buy his farm, and with the craze catching on he can even license the mold to other growers next year. Success? Check!

The moral of this story?  Never give up on your dream. If it doesn’t work, maybe you just need to take a fresh look at how you channel that passion.

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