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Apr 2017
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In this Digital Age, we’re used to having everything we need at our fingertips. Why should your payroll be any different? Cut down on the paper, the clutter and the filing. With Paperless Payroll, all you need is a current Web Browser and internet access to take your company’s payroll hi-tech and green. Going paperless

Mar 2017
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As business owners, we know that insurance plays a very large and vital part in running a business.  You may be familiar with our sister company, Integrated Coverage Group, because together we offer a hassle-free approach to paying for your workers’ compensation through your payroll.  What you may not know is that ICG is also

Feb 2017
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We all know that running a business can be very challenging – especially the relentless administrative work. Here at Advantage Payroll Services, we offer a comprehensive solution to simplify all your time and attendance tracking, scheduling, and compliance operations; all with our Workforce Management Suite. Workforce Management Suite is easy, user-friendly, and the tools work

Jan 2017
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The new year has begun and we are excited to announce a NEW service! For years, many businesses have turned to the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) as a last resort to secure workers’ compensation and as a result, have had to endure costly down payments and high audit adjustments at the end of

Dec 2016
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It’s the end of another year and many of us are looking back and wondering where this past year went, what we accomplished and how we can improve next year. As business owners and managers, we’re constantly looking for ways to grow our business, get better at our craft, learn new skills and make more

Oct 2016
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From starting Advantage Payroll Services with only two employees in the basement of an office building to being named an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America, I’d say my business has come a very long way. As a new business owner, there were many things I had to learn by way trial and error.

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