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CPAdvantage September 2012

Sep 2012

HR OnDemand: Human Resources Made Easy

By Rob Basso
Advantage Payroll Services

Business owners are tightening their budgets and doing more with fewer resources, especially when it comes to Human Resources. Whether your client handles the HR functions themselves or has someone helping them full or part-time, it can be a big drain on their resources, both financially and time-wise. Advantage is proud to offer HR OnDemand, a comprehensive online HR portal that can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. HR OnDemand offers access to a policy library, hundreds of customizable job descriptions, thousands of HR forms, a comprehensive sample letters database, benefits guides, a state and federal law database and much more. As an added benefit for difficult questions, unique situations, special requests and more, this service also includes online and phone support from a certified HR representative.

Whether you or your client are struggling to handle HR yourself, or are interested in your HR manager taking advantage of this product, HR OnDemand is a great way to streamline your HR needs. Never again will you or your client worry about their employee manual being out of date, struggle to create a formal termination letter or wonder if their social media policy meets legal requirements. With HR OnDemand, they have access to complete HR services at less than a fraction of the cost of retaining a Human Resources firm. For more information, you can read the Question & Answer with Operations Manager and product specialist Melissa DiDiego, or reach out to your customer service representative at (800) 440-9033.
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Rob Basso, President

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