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Payroll Services by FinancialAdvantage

Advantage has a strong commitment to the financial advisor community. We understand the importance of these relationships and want to help you expand your business the way our partners helped us. To further these efforts, we’ve developed a very different approach for our partners to help you increase revenue while providing enhanced, integrated payroll services. It is for this reason that we have created FinancialAdvantage.

Being a financial advisor in today’s challenging economic climate is not just about picking a retirement plan. It’s about choosing the best plan for you and your clients and making sure that the administrative work such as contributions, distributions and plan processing are all handled correctly. Sometimes you may feel like more of a psychiatrist than a financial advisor, but you’re used to that.

Connecting clients with the strategic partners and resources to help them run their business puts you in the center of the action and on the firing line. Your clients look to you for guidance and you need to have a recommendation that will seamlessly fulfill their needs while helping you do your job more efficiently. At Advantage, making you look good is part of our job.

Advantage has been helping financial advisors and their clients streamline their payroll, human resources, time and attendance and retirement plan integration since 1967. With over 30,000 national clients, we act as your locally owned resource with the highest client retention rate in the industry. Our Certified Payroll Professionals, not data entry clerks, assist you and your clients with the expertise demanded in today’s marketplace.

Let us be part of your expanding team.

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    • Administrative ease of payroll deducted retirement plans.
    • Handle all of your 401(k) submissions on a per payroll basis.
    • Provide quarterly audits as well as year-end census.
    • Offer a seamless transition from your current provider.

General Products & Services

You may also benefit from these unique services:

HR Hotline

Answers from Human Resource Attorneys to specific Human Recourse and Employment Law questions are now just a phone call or email away.

Human Resource Solutions

Web based data management programs designed to keep you up to date with current requirements.

Retirement / 401(k) Interfaces

We can seamlessly make the deductions from your employees’ checks, transfer the funds to providers, and track all transactions for your records.

Time and Attendance

Providing the tools needed to effectively manage payroll labor data collection and processing for companies of all sizes.

Payroll for the Web

Online payroll/reporting for every need.

Workers’ Compensation Services

Tracking reports and our preferred insurance program.

Premium-Only Plan

Reduce employer taxes on your insurance premiums.

New Hire Reporting

Report all new hire information to the government.


To learn more about the program, please contact us today at (800) 440-9033 ext. 17. We’d be happy to set an appointment with you to further discuss the benefits of working with Advantage Payroll. 

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