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Improved Functionality with ACA Reporting Service for Instant Payroll and Online Reporting Clients

Sep 2016
Posted in ACA 101

We are happy to announce improved functionality with our ACA Reporting Service. Instant Payroll (IP) Clients and Online Reporting Clients will now have the ability to enter their ACA data directly into the IP system!

Starting September 23, 2016, those clients that have submitted an ACA Reporting Service agreement either last year or this year will have access to this new feature.


Before you can access the new screens, you will need to answer a few questions regarding Employer Level ACA data such as common ownership and self-insured status.  If Advantage Payroll already has the answers to these questions we will be entering that data for you as soon as possible.  These pop-up windows will appear any time you log in until the questions are answered.  If you log into IP and see these pop-ups, please answer the questions.   If you are unable to answer these questions, please call our ACA team for assistance.  If you are unsure of the answers or need to continue working for the time being, you may select  “Ask me later.”  For those clients on the ACA Reporting Service, you would answer “Yes” in the box on the right side asking you if we will be filing ACA returns for you.


If you answer “Yes” when asked if Advantage Payroll will file your returns, you will see another pop-up asking for additional information.  Below is a screen shot of this pop-up.  In Certifications of Eligibility, the only option that may apply is “C.”  In the box below, please indicate whether you have self-insured plans or not.  In the “Coverage Months” box, please indicate the months in 2016 where minimum essential coverage was offered to most of your full-time employees and their dependents.  Again, we have this information for many clients and will be entering that data for you as soon as possible.  That means there is a chance you will not see these pop-up windows at all.


After these questions are answered, you will have the ability to enter Employee Level ACA data.  Please contact your ACA representative before moving on to this step.  We will be providing you with a brief training and instruction manual for you to reference.  The ACA team will be contacting all ACA Reporting Clients in the upcoming weeks to schedule this training.

If you have any questions, please call your designated ACA representative or email alau@liadvantage.com.

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