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New Jersey SUI Update

Jul 2016
Posted in Client Updates

New Jersey will be mailing you the annual Combined Assessment Bill and Rate Computation notice if you are subject to state unemployment insurance (SUI). This is a combined bill for seven different assessments levied by the state.

Payment is due 30 days from the mailing date of the notice. The Combined Assessment Bill and Rate Computation for 2016 is scheduled to be mailed in mid to late July.

If payment is received after the due date, the agency will assess interest at the prevailing rate from the due date to the date the payment is remitted.

The New Jersey Combined Assessment Bill and Rate Computation will not be included on the SUI return. The only notification that you will receive about the amount due is on the notice issued by the agency.

As this assessment is paid outside the normal SUI return process, you will be responsible for making this payment even if you are a Full Tax Filing client.

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