Advantage Payroll and Integrated Coverage Group bring you optimal coverage for your business

March 6, 2017 Melanie Iovino

Advantage Payroll and Integrated Coverage Group bring you optimal coverage for your business

As business owners, we know that insurance plays a very large and vital part in running a business.  You may be familiar with our sister company, Integrated Coverage Group, because together we offer a hassle-free approach to paying for your workers’ compensation through your payroll.  What you may not know is that ICG is also a full-service insurance brokerage that can serve a diverse group of industries to reduce their risk with an extensive offering of commercial insurance products.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation

Integrated Coverage offers a unique and hassle-free approach to paying for workers’ compensation insurance.

Rather than paying for insurance up to a year in advance and tying up vital cash, premiums are paid as you go one payroll period at a time! With a normal workers’ compensation policy you have to pay 25% down each year and then make monthly or quarterly payments. Pay-as-you-go eliminates having to make down payments as well as end of year large billing adjustments due to incorrect estimates.

Apply for Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation today and enjoy the following benefits:

    • Better Cash Flow Management
    • No Large Down Payment
    • No Need to Manually Input Data Separately From Your Payroll Reporting
    • No Installment Billing Fees
    • Minimize Premium Audit Adjustments

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    Cyber Insurance

    As a business owner you most likely have General Liability and Property coverage.  Unfortunately, these types of standard coverage do not protect your business from data breaches or cyber attacks.

    Any business that has a website, uses email, collects client information (including credit card information, personally identifiable information, or health information) is at risk for having their data stolen, mishandled, or corrupted.

    Cyber breaches are on the rise affecting every industry, and recovering from a breach can be financially devastating.  ICG’s Risk Management consultants offer comprehensive and cost-effective coverage to protect your business and its confidential data.

    Any breach in IT security and privacy of confidential, personal or corporate data can expose your business or organization to a myriad of potential financial costs.

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    Employment Practices Liability Insurance “EPLI”

    Employment Practices Liability Insurance “EPLI” helps protect your business against claims from your employees.

    Some examples of employee related claims include:

      • Discrimination
      • Wrongful Termination
      • Sexual Harassment
      • Hostile Working Environment
      • Wage & Hour

      These types of claims are proven to be very costly to employers without the correct type of insurance coverage.

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