CPAdvantage December 2012

December 15, 2012
December 15, 2012 LI Advantage

CPAdvantage December 2012

Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation

By Rob Basso
Advantage Payroll Services

This time of year, business owners start looking at dwindling budgets and start coming up with numbers for next year’s spending. Do your clients include their Workers Compensation in one lump sum? Wouldn’t you rather ease that burden for them and have them pay one payroll period at a time? With Advantage Payroll’s partnership with Integrated Coverage Group, you can increase their monthly cash flow with our Pay-As-You-Go workers compensation program.

With a normal policy, employers have to put 25% down and make large quarterly payments. Pay-As-You-Go workers compensation programs are designed to increase cash flow while helping to minimize large, unexpected payments following a premium audit. There’s no additional charge for adding the premium to the payroll processing, no need to manually input data separately from the payroll reporting, and no installment billing fees.

I’ve asked Gregg Knepper, President of Integrated Coverage Group to answer the most commonly asked questions in regards to Pay-As-You-Go workers compensation. For any questions you may have remaining, call your Client Service Representative at (800) 440-9033.
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