CPAdvantage March 2014

March 10, 2014
March 10, 2014 LI Advantage

CPAdvantage March 2014

Go Green!

From The Top
By Rob Basso
President, Advantage Payroll Services


In this Digital Age, we are used to having everything we need, all at our fingertips. Why should your client’s payroll be any different? Cut down on the paper, the clutter and the filing. With Paperless Payroll, all your client needs is a current Web Browser and internet access to take their company’s payroll hi-tech and green.

Going paperless is simple, no software or downloads are required, and we even provide two distinct options depending on your client’s needs. If they want the reassurance of calling in their payroll with their designated, experienced Customer Service Representative every pay period, they can use Online Reporting to go paperless. This offers great personal customer service with anytime online access to important statements and reports for both your client and you too (with client authorization)!

Or, if your client wants greater control of their payroll, with the ability to add employees and adjust deductions, contributions, or rates of pay with just the click of a button, then Instant Payroll® may be best. This service is accessible anytime, anywhere, and provides your client with a real-time payroll preview, on-screen management reports, and much more.

Don’t waste time sorting through paperwork and searching for critical documents. With Paperless Payroll, everything you and your client need to run and evaluate their payroll can be found with just a click. Make sure to read the Question & Answer section below for more information or call (800) 440 -9033 x27 with any questions.


Q: What is Paperless Payroll?
A: Just what it says! Paperless Payroll allows you to cut through the paper and get organized. Everything you need is accessible online, with no wondering where your paperwork is—it’s all just a click away!

Q: How can I get it?
A: Advantage Payroll provides you with two separate options that allow your payroll to go paperless—Online Reporting and Instant Payroll®. If you like the reassurance and ease of calling in your payroll to one of our trained Customer Service Representatives, but want instant online access to your statements and reports, Online Reporting is for you. If you want increased control over your payroll with easy navigation and tons of features with anywhere, anytime access, Instant Payroll® is for you.

Q: What benefits does Instant Payroll offer?
A: Instant Payroll® provides comprehensive payroll processing. Use it to maintain employee records, set up new hires, make rate changes, input payroll hours and dollars, post voids and manual payroll checks, and more…all at your convenience. It also includes powerful features like a check calculator to figure gross-to-net checks online. You’ll benefit from increased payroll control, with an extensive number of earnings and deductions fields, access to flexible labor distribution options, quick paycheck entry, administration of pay codes and deductions, time-saving tax enhancements and the ability to manage 401(k) and other employee benefit programs. And best of all, there’s no software to download; all you need is a current Web browser and internet access!

Q: What benefits does Online Reporting offer?
A: Get all the ease of calling in your payroll to your designated Customer Service Representative, and none of the cumbersome paperwork. All statements and reports that you would normally receive, as well as direct deposit stubs, quarterly tax forms and year end documents, are accessible online with just a click of a button—anytime, anywhere. Want your CPA or other personal financial professional to be able to access your payroll data and reports? Online Reporting can do that, too!

Q: With these paperless options, how secure is my information?
A: Advantage uses state-of-the-art Internet security features to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your payroll data. By using security features provided by VeriSign®, your data is protected from unauthorized access. Once your security is defined, work on payroll whenever you like – it’s available virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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