How to Identify Your Brand’s Thought Leaders: 5 Marketing Experts’ Tips

July 8, 2015 LI Advantage

How to Identify Your Brand’s Thought Leaders: 5 Marketing Experts’ Tips

By Shannon Ramlochan

The phrase “thought leadership” has become pretty commonplace in marketing conversations nowadays, but don’t dismiss it as just another buzzword.

Demonstrating your thought leadership shows customers and prospects that your company understands the issues they are facing and actively seeks out emerging trends and technologies that can help solve those issues.

However, while the overabundance of online publishing platforms gives everyone the ability to share their point of view, authoring a blog post won’t necessarily cement you as a thought leader.

The handful of people who truly embody what it means to be a thought leader have unique attributes that make their voices heard more clearly above the noise.

In 4 Characteristics of Great Thought Leadership Content, we highlighted how a company can elevate the quality of their content to develop a passionate and loyal following.

For brands that are just starting to produce content, identifying who is (or has the potential to become) a thought leader for your company is an essential first step.

We recently asked our ProfNet experts network “What makes a great thought leader?” and heard back from authors, speakers and executives throughout the marketing industry.

Here are their tips for identifying individuals whose expertise and influence can help your marketing and PR efforts shine. Click here to read the full article…

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