Small Business Retirement Planning Solutions (401K)

Small Business Retirement Planning Solutions

401(k) Plan Case Study


We reviewed the 401(k) retirement plans of a well established firm with 25+ employees in the manufacturing industry.  We found that they had a “package” product from a leading insurance carrier with about $400,000 in assets.

Comparision: Rate of Return and Fee Improvment

Here is a summary of our findings:

  • Average Rate of Return Advantage: 2.600%        $10.400
  • TPA/Platform Fee Advantage:           0.826%         $   3,304
  • RIA Management Fee:                       0.800%         $   3,200
  • Net Annual Improvement:                 4.22%           $16,904

Our Registered Investment Advisor’s “best of the best” fund selection methodology screens 6,000 no-load and load-waived funds to select one top performer in each category outperformed in 17 of 18 categories by an average of over 4.2%.  Compounded over many years until retirement, this difference is very significant for these small business retirement plans’ participants. We can help you find small business retirement planning solutions that do the right thing.

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