The NYS New Hire* Dilemma.

Federal law requires every employer to report each new hire and rehire* to a designated state agency, and requires all states to conform to a set of minimum standards for the information that must be reported:

  • Each new hire’s name, address, and SSN
  • Employer’s name, address and Federal employer ID#

However, the law also gives states the option of requiring employers to report additional information, such as the new hire’s date of hire, date of birth, state of hire and other relevant data. States also have the freedom to set their own deadlines for reporting.

Failure to comply with the Federal or NYS new hire reporting laws can lead to financial penalties and other serious problems. That’s why for some employers, keeping up with changing state standards and compliance guidelines can be an unwanted burden.

The Advantage Solution

Because we already maintain all the pertinent employee data, Advantage Payroll Services can assist you with New Hire Reporting compliance automatically, as an additional service to our high-precision payroll processing.

Our team of compliance experts saves you the responsibility of keeping up with changing state statutes and meeting filing deadlines. We can also save you substantial costs in personnel and productivity when you compare our service to the cost of having an employee within your organization be responsible for Federal and NYS New Hire Reporting duties.

Convenience… Accuracy

When you choose this convenient, value-added service, Advantage automatically generates a New Hire Report each week that includes all new hires and rehires that occurred within that week. If you are a non-weekly payroll client, we recommend that you call in any new hires between pay periods to ensure compliance with your particular state requirements.

Advantage forwards these NYS New Hire reports directly to the appropriate state agencies, with the same degree of accuracy and timeliness we apply to all your payroll and tax filing requirements. It’s another great way we take care of the new hire reporting details so you can get back to business.

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* The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 requires every employer, regardless of size or number of employees, to report certain information on each newly-hired or rehired employee to a designated state agency by a specific deadline.

While this Federal law does not define “new hire”, the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) has defined a new hire and rehire as an individual who provides services to an employer and is required to complete a form W-4.

Advantage Payroll Services helps employers comply with this mandate, which often caries from state to state, when they choose to combine automatic New Hire Reporting with their regular payroll processing service.

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