Newsday: Executive Suite: Rob Basso, Freeport

November 9, 2015
November 9, 2015 LI Advantage

Newsday: Executive Suite: Rob Basso, Freeport

ExecProfileRob Basso, 42, owner of Advantage Payroll Services, started small.

How small? “It was just me and my mother printing checks,” he said. It was 1996, and they were working in a basement storage room of a Syosset office building while they waited for their suite to become available.

The pair started with zero customers but eventually got enough business to grow their first-year revenue to about $110,000. Today Advantage is housed in a Freeport building that Basso owns and has 46 employees, 3,000 clients and annual sales of $10 million.

Basso, who graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in history-education, was “going to take the world by storm by being a social studies teacher.” But the author of “The Everyday Entrepreneur” ended up on a different track.

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