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The CobraTrak System

CobraGuard provides the most advanced COBRA Administration solution available. Our COBRA management system, CobraTrak, is a web-based automated system, assuring that your COBRA compliance is consistent, accessible and affordable.

CobraTrak features include:

  • Employee benefits data
  • Census information
  • Dependents and life events
  • Proof of mailing to establish your compliance with COBRA Administration Guidelines

Automated COBRA Administration


Based on the employee benefits and related information you provide, CobraGuard assures worry free compliance with required notifications.

The CobraTrak system sends:

  • Initial COBRA notifications to employees and dependents upon inception of coverage
  • Qualifying event notifications and election forms to employees and dependents upon the occurrence of a COBRA-qualifying event
  • Qualifying event verification to you and to your insurance carriers, avoiding unnecessary claims payment
  • Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act notices annually to all participants

Automated Ongoing COBRA Administration

Your ongoing compliance with COBRA regulations is worry free – CobraTrak makes it easy:

  • Automatically requests data from participants as required by law
  • Automatically mails HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage mailed to participants upon termination of coverage and upon termination of continuation coverage
  • Provides full-service administration of COBRA continuees
  • Processes elections and premium payments
  • Monitors timely receipt of elections and premium payment
  • Manages timelines and requirements for continued participation

COBRA Compliance at Your Fingertips

  • Access to Your Employee and Account Information – CobraGuard’s secure, web-based system allows authorized access to your information, anytime, anywhere
  • Maintenance and Installation-Free – CobraGuard is an outsourced solution, so there’s no software to install or upgrade
  • Simplified Data Submission with COBRA Guard – Need to enter or update employee information? Data can be submitted electronically through the CobraGuard website
  • No Surprises through Monthly Reporting – CobraGuard informs you monthly of your COBRA participation status
  • Toll-Free Access to Support – You’re always within easy contact with our knowledgeable customer service representatives
  • Risk Management – CobraGuard assures consistent adjudication of your employees’ COBRA eligibility and participation. CobraGuard maintains your records in compliance with the law – so that you can focus on your business.

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