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Discounted Medical Benefits are Possible

What is Transparent Healthcare?

Affordable access to quality healthcare and medical benefits at deeply discounted and transparent prices for members & everyone at home.

Transparent Healthcare Complete

Uninsured Facts

• Today’s uninsured pay full retail when they go to the doctor.
• The uninsured rate is 2-3 times more than the insurance reimbursement rate.
• With THC, the uninsured now have access to deeply discounted, pre-negotiated rates.

Medical Care Discounts

• Medical, save 40-80%.
• Dental & Vision, save 10-50%.
• Pharmacy, save 20% on brand name Rx, 40-75% on generic Rx.

Medical Benefits Discounts

• Over 6,500 Medical providers in the NY/NJ Metro Area (primary care, specialists, labs, radiology).
• Over 54,000 nationwide pharmacies participating through Agelity network.
• Over 86,000 nationwide dentists participating through Aetna Dental Access Network®.
• Over 12,000 nationwide vision care centers participating through Outlook Vision Network.
• 24/7 Nurse Helpline & Hospital Advocate.
• THC Customer Service Team to help members every step of the way.

Transparent Pricing – members know their costs (and see their savings) before they get care

Who can Join?

• Everyone regardless of age, health or status. No social security numbers are needed.
• There are no exclusions and no participation requirements.

Advantage Membership Discount: Advantage Payroll clients receive a $10/month membership discount for enrolling online through Advantage: $29/month vs. $39/month retail, a $120/year savings for their employees.

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