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With over 35 years of payroll experience in New York, we’ve tailored our expertise, customer service and flexible products and services to the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses by helping them reduce costs through outsourcing their payroll services. 

An effective way of increasing manager productivity and reducing overhead costs is to outsource payroll services and tax-filing services. Advantage Payroll offers a host of services based on a personalized commitment to each customer. We also offer state of the art payroll processing, including Internet payroll processing and management (web-based payroll) and email-based applications via our Instant Payroll® web-based software. A full array of reports and features are available to meet every one of your business needs.

Each pay period, your employee checks and reports from Advantage arrive at your office, or the funds are direct deposited in your employees’ bank account(s) exactly as you specify. Next day delivery of your payroll is available if required, and we can direct deposit employee earnings to any bank in the country. Or, you can pick up your payroll at our office if it’s more convenient for you. With our payroll services, you have many flexible paycheck options!

The Advantage system features extensive earnings and deductions categories, so we’re flexible enough for virtually any business. And unlike other payroll services, the Advantage package includes, at no extra charge:

  • Complete tax filing services
  • Signed and sealed payroll checks
  • A variety of easy-to-read Management Reports
  • Up to 8 direct deposits (into different financial institutions) can be made per employee and the first three are free!

Online Payroll Services

Advantage Payroll Services offers the convenience of processing payroll on YOUR time with our web-based product, Instant Payroll®.

Instant Payroll®

With Instant Payroll® from Advantage Online Payroll Services, you can manage your payroll with the click of a mouse. Our web-based online payroll software management application allows you to control payroll hours and employee changes in real time. There’s no software to download – all you need is a current Web browser and Internet access!

Instant Payroll®

Instant Payroll® is an innovative online application providing comprehensive web-based payroll processing. Use it to maintain employee records, set up new hires, make rate changes, input payroll hours and dollars, post voids and manual payroll checks, and more. . . all at your convenience. In addition, it includes powerful features like a check calculator to figure gross-to-net checks online.

You’ll benefit from increased payroll services control, with an extensive number of earnings and deductions fields, access to flexible labor distribution options, quick paycheck entry, administration of pay codes and deductions, time-saving tax enhancements and the ability to manage 401(k) and other employee benefit programs.

Instant Payroll Login

Instant Payroll® is a simple, reliable, secure and efficient web based payroll application for your small business.

Static IP Reqests

Managing your small business payroll can be a hassle. Advantage is now offering an optional feature for Instant Payroll Users that limits account access to one or more designated IP Addresses.

  • SecurityHow it works:  Upon request, Advantage will restrict the client’s account so that it may only be accessed from a PC that utilizes the designated Static IP Address. If an unauthorized user attempts to gain access, Advantage will be alerted and will contact the client to investigate.
  • Fees: There are NO set-up or ongoing fees.
  • Flexibility: If you need to access Instant Payroll® while out of town, Advantage can remove the IP Address restriction to allow access and re-instate it upon request.
  • Getting Started:  First, locate your Static IP Address by going to Next, complete the information below and either email or fax as per instructions.

Advantage Payroll resources are designed with you in mind. To take advantage of this new feature, please click here to complete the request form and email to OR fax to 516-931-8500.

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