Upgrading to Advantage Payroll Services’ Workforce Management Suite can save you a lot of money

February 10, 2017
February 10, 2017 Melanie Iovino

Upgrading to Advantage Payroll Services’ Workforce Management Suite can save you a lot of money

We all know that running a business can be very challenging – especially the relentless administrative work. Here at Advantage Payroll Services, we offer a comprehensive solution to simplify all your time and attendance tracking, scheduling, and compliance operations; all with our Workforce Management Suite.

Workforce Management Suite is easy, user-friendly, and the tools work together seamlessly, making it the perfect solution. Workforce Management Suite consists of TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity, Workforce Management Clock, and TimeWorks Mobile.
Time and attendance, scheduling, web clock, manager dashboard, reporting… everything you need to efficiently manage your workforce and save money!

    • Time and Attendance: Cloud-based management, mobile, easily configured with advanced features.
    • Scheduling: Automated tools that manage the difficult challenges or team scheduling with ease.
    • Mobile: Workforce management on the go with remote punch in, timecard review and scheduling.
    • Payroll Integration: Full integration with payroll means increased savings and reduced errors.

TimeWorksPlus handles all of the time and attendance tracking, TimeSimplicity takes care of scheduling, and Workforce Management Clock makes clocking in and out simpler than ever. TimeWorks Mobile is the mobile app for anytime, anywhere access.

Instead of using different systems to manage all these processes, or handling all of these tasks manually, Workforce Management Suite can be your efficient, do-it-all solution.

The benefits of Workforce Management Suite:

• Cloud-based so there is no software to maintain or update
• Fast setup: you can be up and running in minutes
• Drag-and-drop schedule templates
• Employee Self Service empowers staff to handle their own timecards
• Secure information storage and back-ups
• Timecard data can be entered directly into your payroll processing service
• Simplifies ACA and DOL compliance with overtime alerts

When you’re able to track and manage vital information with this kind of efficiency, you’ll quickly see the results.

• Decreased labor costs
• Increased productivity
• Improved employee communication
• Reduces timecard errors
• Less time spent creating and managing schedules
• Accurate, comprehensive records in case of an audit

Workforce Management Suite is your powerful and affordable Workforce Management answer.

How much can you save by upgrading to the Workforce Management Suite?

Try our ROI Calculator to find out!

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